” What Really Happens With The Plastic You Throw Away? – Emma Bryce ” TED-Ed Review


Today, the last day of January 2017, i’m doing another review about a video in TED-Ed. The video is about ” What Really Happens With The Plastic You Throw Away “, it’s a 4 minutes video about what will happen with your trash.

I picked this video because at first i don’t really get the idea of what will happen to the trash that i dumped at the streets. But after i watched this video, i’m more concerned and think twice before i throw away my trash. It’s quite easy for me to understand the video. And I think the video it self is easy for anyone to understand because the analogy and the animation makes it simple for people to understand. Overall i really liked the whole video, cause I think it realized me, so why can’t it do the same to other people. I mean if we’re still doing the same thing, then it will affect to all our own selves.

You could check their YouTube channel and happy exploring!



A Better Us! [ TED-Ed Review]

Happy 2017 everybody!

New year, new us. Some people likes to say it that way, but it doesn’t mean we have to change completely. We could change for a better us! We could make change for a better world. Maybe ‘a better world’ sounds tough, let’s just start ‘for a better person’. We could be that person not just for ourselves, but also for the society.

Sometimes I like to dream about what could I do for other people. Speaking of dreams, once I watch a YouTube video from a channel called TED-Ed. The first video I watched was ‘Why do we dream?’ it shows you the theories of why we dream. Since then, I really liked their videos because I think it’s very informative. They uploaded many videos about the things that we think but sometimes don’t know the answer. Example, why are there so many types of apples? How stethoscope was invented? Does grammar matter? How do animals see in the dark? Can plants communicate? Why is Mount Everest so high? And many more question that came up to our heads but just passing through.

Personally I really liked the ‘Why do we dream?’ video because it reveals top-seven reasons why we might dream. And I think TED-Ed’s videos are very interesting and it could increase positive knowledge. I think some of their videos are really important for people to know.

And personally I think that’s one of the ways to bring benefit to society and be a better person. It doesn’t always have to be a masterpiece that everyone can see and feel. Sharing our knowledge to other people, already makes us a better person.

So let’s start today, shall we?

Go check TED-Ed’s channel yourself!


And also the ‘Why do we dream?’ video by Amy Adkins

Happy exploring!